Midea brand as the futuristic innovation


Midea brand as the futuristic innovation that elevates the way of bathing to nourishing the skin.

The weather is extremely hot and fully pollution in currently was increases fatigue in our body at all time. Our skin as the first layer was damaged and fighting with these environmental conditions, that make layer of the skin deteriorates and it’s cause of skin problems such as dry skin, itchy rashes, pimple-acne, freckles and others that difficult to avoiding.

Rehabilitation and relaxing to tired skin start by taking a shower.
It’s many ways to restore body and skin which damaged by pollution. But those a lot of ways are difficultly method and wasting time. Will be great, if we make it easily to caring our body and skin as go along with daily activities by “taking a shower”.
Try to imagine the feeling of ingeniously and luxury taking a shower that deep cleans your body, refreshing and giving the natural beauty to your skin that has never been shown in the shower before. The all-specially innovation was combined in the one of Water Heater.

Oxygen is miraculous for skin care
In addition, the “Oxygen” is important for our breath, it also an important role in healthy and bright skin. If your skin deficient oxygen will effect to beauty of the skin.
Midea has recognized the benefits of oxygen to using for skin care. Therefore, invented the oxygen combine technology into water heater for elevates the taking a shower together with habilitation the skin. This innovation will generate the oxygen that is essential to the skin for restoring moisturizer into the skin and improves blood circulation which stimulates factor of the skin cell exfoliation process and generates the collagen. If the skin touches and absorbs the water which is rich in tiny bubbles in the oxygen, the skin will be more flexible, reduce wrinkles and healthy glow.

The Science of Deep Cleansing
Besides the qualification of oxygen available to restore moisturizer to skin, the Oxygen Generating Technology of Midea-Water Heater is able to generate the micro-nano bubble that it able to infiltrate and deeply clean into the pores. The softly water that flows out of the shower will diligently remove and well-groomed cleanse the dust and oily out of skin, made you freshy to while and after take a shower with glowing and reducing pimples.
Our Water Heater will be the first necessary function of skin care when you use it always because clean skin helps to maximum efficiency to using other skin care products.

Embrace the future of innovation of the skin care for you and your beloved.
The High-Technology of water heater as turning point in the way to caring for the body and skin by mixing the power of moisture by filling the oxygen and well-groomed cleansing. It’s redefined to elevates the taking a shower for body cleansing to touching a new experience of beauty and healthy skin care.
Changed the showering concept that, just daily life to change for showing your beautiful self and rejuvenation with intelligent innovation from Midea water heater of products that will be launched soon.