“Launching UTU Huahin poolvilla (Baan Utu Huahin Pool Villa), a modern design house. With a salt water pool Meets convenience and fun needs with everyone’s personal vacation day”


(Baan Utu Huahin Pool Villa)

Escape the hot weather and chaos in the capital Escape to rest with the person you love. Hang out with a group of friends and have fun partying together

Hua Hin is a top tourist city for both Thai and foreign tourists. and foreigners With the unique charm of Hua Hin itself, including beaches, restaurants, cafes, and various creative activities that occur continuously. As a result, Hua Hin has always been an attractive destination for leisure travel.


The living room has a nice sofa set, TV and air conditioning. Next will be the dining area. Comes with a good wooden table set. Can seat up to 10 people. Outdoor patio grill Along the swimming pool and parking Can park 2-3 cars inside the fence.


Inside the bed room, it is well decorated. Complete with comfortable mattress and ensuite bathroom The main bedroom is located on the second floor of the house and comes with a 5-6 foot bed and air conditioning. And there is also a glass to protect from water during showering. For bedrooms 2 and 3 -4, they are double bed rooms. and single bed Located on the 2nd floor of the house and the 4th bedroom is a bedroom located on the ground floor and a bedroom. Next to the swimming pool Comes with a large bed. There is a bathroom inside.

Complete kitchen

Kitchenware/ Microwave/ Toaster
Hot water boiler/coffee/tea maker
Refrigerator/ Dishes/Spoons/ Glasses/ Sink
Free bottled water

and a kitchen that comes with complete kitchen equipment. Equipped with an electric stove, rice cooker, hot water bottle, refrigerator, and microwave, you can cook food comfortably.


“UTU Huahin poolvilla” was therefore created with intention. To meet the fun lifestyle of traveling in groups of friends. and family There are 2 houses available, each with 4 bedrooms. The houses are clearly divided into proportions such as a kitchen, living room, and 4 bedrooms.

(1 bedroom on the ground floor for the elderly No need to walk up the stairs) with en-suite bathrooms in every room, salt water swimming pool with built-in children’s pool, party area. BBQ by the pool, has parking for 4 cars and is far from Chatchai Market. (Night Market) only 1.5 km.
From over 10 years of working experience in the position flight attendant who have had the opportunity to travel and stay in many hotels around the world


Mr. Akkasakon Lertweerasirikul
(Executive of UTU huahin Poolvilla) said, “Convenience. From relaxing with good accommodations Makes us feel like we are at home privately. And doing activities together with friends or relatives is like creating an impressive story together while on vacation.”

”This point was the initial idea of ​​building a pool villa. that the executives have paid attention to details starting from the design Arrange usage space Control the color tone both inside and outside. Selection of quality materials and design furniture that fits the house”

”Today UTU Huahin poolvilla would like to invite everyone to come relax in Hua Hin with us. Come experience staying in a private pool villa. with a beautiful design house That will help recharge you on your rest day. To be ready to go back to work fully again….”


House size S accommodates 8-10 people.
(Sunday-Thursday 5,500 baht per night) (Friday-Saturday and special holidays 6,500 baht per night)


UTU Huahin poolvilla

Contact for more information at:-
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/utuhuahin/
email : utuhuahin@gmail.com
Tel. : 093 416 5614
Location : https://qrgo.page.link/i1yF3

Location : Across the railroad behind Chatchai Market. (Turung Market) about 1 km. into Soi Huai Mongkol 15 (the alley is opposite BigC Tan Diao) go into the alley about 30 m.

Pool Villa vacation home, beautiful room, good atmosphere. Open the window to see the mountain view. Budget-friendly, not too expensive

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